Croydon PGMC

Medical and Dental Centre

Croydon University Hospital

formerly Mayday University Hospital


Undergraduate Centre

There is a fully equipped undergraduate centre adjacent to the PGMC and is administered by the Medical Education Manager.  This purpose built unit has 4 tutorial rooms, 6 station computer suite and comfortable common room.  The offices of the Teaching Fellows together with the administrative staff are also in this area.

Admin Team; 0208 401 3000 x 4235/ 4236



Students should report to the Undergraduate Centre at 0900 hrs on Monday morning, unless otherwise instructed. There is one notable exception to this; the St George’s Elderly Care Students report to Dr Wallace Tan or a representative from the EC department in the Main Reception area at 0930 hrs on the first day (Monday) of their attachment period and then attend their induction in the Undergraduate Centre later in the day at 1400 hrs.

Deposit Monies for ID badges, Intelikeys

You will be issued with an intelikey which will give access to the Undergraduate Centre; including the computer suite, the common room, the shower room, the locker room and the Library. You will also be issued with an ID badge (which should please be worn at all times) .

For Final Year King’s and St George’s students only; In addition to the above, you will be issued with a bleep. The bleeps cost in the region of £200 each and must please be returned in good working order on the last day of your attachment without fail. We do not have spare bleeps and if they are not returned, someone from the next intake will suffer as a result.

Accommodation/On-call room requests

Requests should be sent through to; or call; 020 8401 5656


Students  who will be at CUH in excess of 3 weeks will be offered a brief library induction on your first day of attachment.

Occupational Health, Shirley House

Proof of Hepatitis B and TB vaccination is not required as it is deemed to have been provided by your Medical School. We need to know of any health problems you may have which may affect patient care. Occupational Health will be your point of contact for needle-stick injuries.


The Department of Health have issued a Directive banning the use of unencrypted USB sticks at all hospital Trusts.  To comply with this CUH will implement Port blocking on Monday 15th February 2010.  So, from this date you will not be able to use your personal USB sticks to upload/download any information from any of the CUHcomputers.

However, the Trust  has encrypted USB sticks for staff to purchase and it will be possible for you to purchase an encrypted stick for £13.00 (which is the cost price) from us in the Centre.  This is a non-returnable/refundable cost and you will retain the item for your personal use.  The stick may be accepted in other NHS Trusts as well as CUH.


Teaching Programmes

Various lectures/talks take part in the PGMC and you can attend, for example, the Grand Round from 1300 hrs to 1400 hrs on most Wednesdays.

We have three Clinical Fellows: Dr Renju Chidambaran (Medical), Dr Paul Mullane (Surgical), and Adeyemi Johnson (Obs and Gynae), all are happy to support you during your time at the Trust.


You will be required to complete H&S and Fire & Evacuation/Fire Safety  elearning modules.  In addition, 5th/Final Year students will be asked to complete NPSA/20.   If you haven’t already received your logon details, please contact Diana Mosley as soon as possible so that you can be set up on the system(s).  Your certificates will need to be brought with you on the first day of your induction.