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NHS Updates

    Apathy unproven as early warning sign of dementia

    NHS updates

    “Elderly who lose interest in pastimes could be at risk of Alzheimer's,” reports The Daily Telegraph, with other papers reporting similar headlines.

    These incorrect headlines are based on the results of a study that looked for a link between symptoms of apathy and structural brain changes (on brain scans) in over 4,000 older adults who did not have dementia.

    The researchers were interested in discovering whether there were a combination of changes in brain volume and reported symptoms of apathy. These symptoms were defined as:

    giving up activities and interests preferring to stay at home rather than goi...

    NICE highlights how hand washing can save lives

    NHS updates

    “Doctors and nurses should do more to stop hospital patients developing infections, an NHS watchdog says,” BBC News reports.

    The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has highlighted how basic hygiene protocols, such as hand washing, may be overlooked by some health professionals, which may threaten patient safety.

    NICE points out that one in 16 people being treated on the NHS picks up a hospital acquired infection such as