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NHS Updates

    Changes in 'Parkinson's walk' predict dementia

    NHS updates

    "Subtle changes in the walking pattern of Parkinson's patients could predict their rate of cognitive decline," The Times reports after new research compared the gait of people with Parkinson's disease with those of healthy volunteers.

    Parkinson's disease is a condition with three classic features: a tremor, stiff rigid muscles and slow movements, notably a slow, shuffling walk. It also has other symptoms, including ...

    NICE wants tooth brushing to be taught in schools

    NHS updates

    “Children should get their teeth brushed at school, says NHS watchdog,” The Daily Telegraph reports.

    The headline follows the publication of guidance by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on ways for local authorities to improve the oral health of their communities. The new guidelines have been welcomed in some parts of the media, but others have accused NICE of creating a “supernanny state”.

    The guidance follows a recent