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NHS Updates

    News story: Medical innovation: doctors and patients encouraged to give views

    NHS updates

    Updated: Medical Innovation Bill Consultation closes at midnight on Friday 25 April.

    The Department of Health is asking for views on whether doctors are being held back from using pioneering treatments because of the fear of being sued if something goes wrong. We want to know if a proposed Medical Innovation Bill will both encourage doctors to innovate in medical practice and bolster patient safeguards.

    The draft bill hopes to clarify the existing law.

    Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said:

    We want to make sure doctors are not held back if they want to use pioneering treatments to offer a lifeline to dying patien...

    Independent report: Transplantation of organs from donors with a history of cancer

    NHS updates

    The Advisory Committee on the Safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs (SaBTO) reviewed evidence including the outcomes of transplants in the UK of organs from donors who had cancer or a history of cancer. They drew up a series of recommendations, and categorised a number of cancers according to their risk of transmission to the recipient of an organ transplant.

    SaBTO’s findings and recommendations will help transplant surgeons to decide whether transplanting a particular organ would be in their patient’s best interests. It could enable surgeons and patients to use with confidence some organs they might otherwise hesitate to accept.

    We wan...

    Independent report: Social exclusion of people in the sex industry: review of evidence

    NHS updates

    This National Inclusion Board (NIB) report is structured around 3 themes:

    the factors that cause vulnerability, social exclusion and involvement in sex work how social exclusion affects the lives of sex workers and the different levels of social exclusion experienced by certain groups of sex workers the barriers that prevent greater social inclusion of sex workers’ lives

    Many of these barriers relate to broader issues of social exclusion beyond sex work itself.

    We want your feedback

    We’d like to know how easy it is to understand our publications. If you read all, or any part, of the at...

    Form: ARSAC application forms

    NHS updates

    These forms are for doctors or dentists who want to apply for a certificate to use radioactive medicinal products ( RMP ) on people (in diagnosis, therapy or research).

    They include forms for:

    a full application an addition to a current certificate an application for particular patient RMP administration renewing a current certificate a functional group application for an amendment

    For more advice on making an application, see the ‘Notes for Guidance’.

    Policy paper: DH and HSCIC Framework Agreement

    NHS updates

    This document outlines out how the department and HSCIC will work together, setting out roles, responsibilities, governance and accountability arrangements.

    Guidance: ARSAC Notes for Guidance

    NHS updates

    This guidance to good clinical practice for nuclear medicine in the UK is the advice of the Administration of Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee ( ARSAC ).

    The guide includes advice on ARSAC certificates, so it will be useful for health professionals filling in ARSAC application forms.

    Policy paper: Progress on improving nursing for people with learning disabilities

    NHS updates

    This report sets out the progress made in England during the past year against the 17 recommendations set out in ‘Strengthening the Commitment: The report of the UK Modernising Learning Disability Nursing Review (2012)’. It shows how the recommendations have been turned into good practice to achieve better health and wellbeing for people with learning disabilities.

    It fulfils the commitment we made in